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U.S. equities probed back into the green

U.S. equities probed back into the green heading into the ADP report, which turned out to be a bit disappointing in September ahead of the full jobs reading on Friday, though the trade gap widened in August. This followed losses in Europe, where the Euro Stoxx 50 is still 0.2% lower and the German DAX is -0.3% in the aftermath of the ECB QE taper story yesterday, though Asia was mostly firmer. The Dow is 39-points firmer, S&P gained 4-points and NASDAQ is 7-points higher, with perhaps some Fed relief inherent in the price action, with many doubting a September hike, though Chicago Fed dove Evans last night wouldn't rule it out. Blackrock announced it its cutting ETF fees, according to the WSJ, while Micron sank 5% after a weak earnings forecast and sank 3% after disappointing sales guidance. Twitter rallied 3% after reports that it will field offers this week.


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