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The U.S. trade price report

The U.S. trade price report revealed the expected 1.2% September oil import price bounce, though analysts also saw a firm 0.3% export price rise that was only partly restrained by a 1.0% price drop for agriculture, alongside flat core export and import prices. Price firmness was skewed toward exports as seen through most of 2016, aside from the reverse-mix in August. Import prices have received a big lift since February from the rebound in oil prices, and ex-oil trade prices received a lift from a drop in the dollar between January and April. Yet, the dollar has reversed course since the Brexit vote with an uptrend that has gained steam into Q4, leaving downward pressure on prices beyond oil price gains that accompany ongoing headwinds from the global growth slowdown, petro-sector dislocation, and the inventory overhang.


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