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General Communications


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Searchlight ALX reports 5.1% stake in General Communications

Searchlight ALX, which holds a 5.1% stake in General Communications, said in a regulatory filing that it has the right to nominate one director to serve on General Communications' board of directors, which currently consists of ten directors. Searchlight's nominee nominee was first elected to the company's board of directors on March 5, 2015. Searchlight added that it has have reviewed and intend to continually review, consider and evaluate their ongoing investment in the Common Stock and all potential options with respect thereto. Searchlight may, with or without the assistance of legal and/or financial advisors, engage in communications with, without limitation, one or more shareholders of the company, management of the company, one or more members of the board of directors of the company, and may make suggestions, recommendations and/or proposals concerning changes to the company's operations, prospects, business and financial strategies, strategic transactions, assets and liabilities, business and financing alternatives and such other matters as Searchlight may deem relevant to their investment in the Common Stock and other securities.

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