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Fedspeak: the big guns continue to appear this week

Fedspeak: the big guns continue to appear this week after Yellen's dovish long-term guidance last week, starting with Fed Vice Chairman Fischer today before the Economic Club of New York at 12:15 ET, who has been leaning more hawkishly near-term of late. SF Fed dove Williams speaks on diversity in financial services (Wednesday) from 8:45 ET, followed by Dallas Fed moderate Kaplan in a Q&A session from 13:30 ET. NY Fed dove Dudley discusses the economic history of New York from 19:45 ET. All three have mulled the likelihood of a hike before year-end and seem inclined to follow through, barring any extraordinary events beforehand. Dudley makes another appearance on the financial industry (Thursday) from 8:30 ET and again at 9 ET and 16:45 ET from an industry conference. Governor Tarullo discusses "pedagogy" (the art of teaching) from 10:15 ET (Friday), followed by Williams again before the FHLB member conference from 14:30 ET.


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