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Immune Pharmaceuticals


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Immune Pharma enters into consulting agreement with Joseph Pergolizzi Jr.

Immune Pharmaceuticals announced that it has entered into a consulting agreement with Joseph V. Pergolizzi Jr. Pergolizzi will form an operational management team, a Scientific Advisory Board, and a Board of Directors for Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Immune's pain and neurology subsidiary, in order to advance the development of Amiket. Maxim holds the rights to AmiKet, AmiKet NanoTM, and LidoPain and will seek additional pain and neurology assets, preferably with 505 development path possibilities. Pergolizzi is the co-founder and COO of NEMA Research, a Clinical Research Organization, and president of Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates of Naples, Florida. He has also held Chief Medical Officer positions at several pharmaceutical companies. Immune has transferred AmiKet to Maxim in exchange for an equity position valued initially $15 Million and milestones of up to $145m as well as royalties on future sales.


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