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U.S. equities are up from earlier lows

U.S. equities are up from earlier lows though there are some major headwinds blowing from the energy sector after the 4% drop in crude oil to dip under $45 bbl after an OPEC deal appeared to come apart at the seems via fissures with Russia and Iran, though nothing has been finalized yet. The latest proposal was a boomerang cut recommended for the Saudis rather than the periphery. Wall Street is 0.25-0.3% in the green, but within the Dow, Chevron -1.4% and Exxon -0.8% are the worst performers followed by IBM -0.6%; on the upside are UnitedHealth +3.4%, Goldman +1.2% and JP Morgan +0.8%. Note, Goldman's COO was just invited to meet with Trump's transition team. The Euro Stoxx 50 is 0.6% firmer, paced by a 2% rebound on the Italian MIB after the ECB vowed to back Italian bonds in the wake of the referendum. Cyber Monday online retail sales also reportedly topped a record $3.4 B.


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