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U.S. equities cooled off from record highs

U.S. equities cooled off from record highs after into remarks by Trump on the solar panel and washing machine tariffs, though he denied that they would cause a trade war and confirmed that he would be talking up investing in the U.S. from Davos later in the week. Both the Canadian dollar and Mexican peso firmed up on the headlines, seemingly taking them at face value. Stocks meanwhile remain in the green, paced by the NASDAQ comp at +0.7% (bolstered by Netflix), while the S&P and Dow lag in shallow positive territory. Within the Dow top gainers are Travelers +5.3%, GE +4.2% and IBM +1.3%, while on the downside are earnings challenged J&J -3.7%, P&G -3.3% and Disney -0.9%. Netflix remains 9.5% higher after banner earnings and increased subscribership. On aggregate, the dollar index is still 0.2% lower near 90.20, while the VIX equity volatility index is 0.7% lower near 10.95.


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