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Farmmi receives three-year license to use Lishui Shangeng collective trademark

Farmmi,announced that through its wholly owned subsidiary Zhejiang Farmmi Food, the company entered an agreement with the Lishui Ecological Agriculture Association, which authorized Farmmi Food to use the Lishui Shangeng collective trademark on the packages of its dried Shiitake mushroom and black Mu Er products and marketing materials. Farmmi Food concurrently became a member of the association and entered an agreement with Lishui Agricultural Investment Development, which authorized Farmmi Food to use its Lishui agricultural product quality safety traceability platform. Both agreements are renewable before the April 16, 2022 expiration under mutual agreement. Lishui Shangeng is a regional brand covering all categories and industries of agricultural products in Lishui, Zhejiang and is owned by the association. At the end of 2018, Lishui Shangeng covered 863 member enterprises, 1,122 cooperative bases, more than 1,000 brand endorsement agricultural products and more than 600 designs of agricultural products packaging.


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