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NewMarket reports Q4 EPS $9.26 vs, $17.71 in Q421 » 17:07


$344.68 /

+4.1 (+1.20%)

Reports Q4 revenue…

Reports Q4 revenue $682.6M vs.$576.6M in Q421. "The last three years have been characterized by unprecedented factors, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide supply chain disruptions, inflation, and war. Accordingly, we believe that it is useful to compare our 2022 results to 2019, the last full year before these factors. Petroleum additives sales in 2022 were $578.4 million higher than in 2019, an increase of 26%. Petroleum additives operating profit in 2022 was $19.0 million higher, an increase of 5% over 2019, and shipments in 2022 were 2.8% higher than 2019. Petroleum additives operating margin for 2022 was 13.7% versus 16.5% in 2019. We are pleased by the performance of our petroleum additives business in 2022 and the work done by our team to navigate through the many challenges of the past three years. While our efforts to resolve supply chain issues to better meet our customers' growing needs have shown improvement, we are still challenged by the inflationary environment and rising operating costs that we expect to continue into 2023. Margin recovery and cost control will remain priorities throughout 2023."

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