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Puma Biotechnology

$7.30 /

-0.34 (-4.45%)


Puma Biotechnology falls after Bernie Sanders calls out 20% price hike

Puma Biotechnology (PBYI) increased the price of its breast cancer treatment Nerlynx by 20% in nine months, Ed Silverman of STAT News reported yesterday. Today, Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders responded to a STAT reporter asking if anybody will notice with a tweet saying, "I noticed, and I'm pretty damn sure patients with breast cancer and their families will notice too." Shares of Puma Biotechnology are down 4.5%, or 35c, to $7.30 in late morning trading. Reference Link

PBYI Puma Biotechnology
$7.30 /

-0.34 (-4.45%)

Fly Intel: Top five analyst downgrades
10/08/19 Goldman Sachs
Puma Biotechnology downgraded to Sell from Neutral at Goldman Sachs
08/09/19 Barclays
Puma Biotechnology price target lowered to $9 from $21 at Barclays
05/29/19 Goldman Sachs
Puma Biotechnology price target lowered to $24 from $29 at Goldman Sachs

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