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Evolus falls after ITC extends determination target date by one month

Evolus disclosed earlier today that the administrate law judge assigned to the International Trade Commission action issued a decision extending the target date for an initial determination from June 5 to July 6. The decision also extended the target date for the final determination by the ITC from October 6 to November 6. The administrative law judge's decision regarding the extension of the target dates will become the decision of the ITC unless a party to the ITC action files a petition for review of the administrative law judge's decision, the company added. Evolus is a party to an ITC case which is entitled "In the Matter of Certain Botulinum Toxin Products." Shares of Evolus are down 4% to $4.92 in midday trading.

EOLS Evolus
$4.94 /

-0.22 (-4.27%)

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