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Inovio drops with COVID-19 vaccine results seen as lacking key data

Inovio Pharmaceuticals claimed its investigational COVD-19 vaccine had "positive" results in a press release today but provided none of the details necessary to determine whether the vaccine is working, Damian Garde and Adam Feuerstein of STAT report. The company did not disclose how many patients produced antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus and also appeared to play down the importance of neutralizing antibodies, Garde and Feuerstein contend. Shares of Inovio are down 10% to $28.46 in early trading. Reference Link

INO Inovio
$31.71 /

+1.865 (+6.25%)

06/29/20 H.C. Wainwright
Inovio downgraded to Neutral from Buy at H.C. Wainwright
Fly Intel: Top five analyst downgrades
06/26/20 Cantor Fitzgerald
Inovio price target raised to $45 from $17 at Cantor Fitzgerald
06/26/20 Stifel
Inovio downgraded to Hold from Buy at Stifel

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