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First Solar

$93.27 /

+10.89 (+13.22%)


First Solar downgraded to Neutral after 67% rally at JPMorgan

JPMorgan analyst Paul Coster downgraded First Solar to Neutral from Overweight with an unchanged price target of $94. After rallying 67% year-to-date, the stock is now trading close to the price target and at "historically-elevated" multiples, Coster tells investors in a research note. At the current multiple, and entering a later stage of the Series 6 product transition, focus shifts from sequential improvement in margins and profitability as production capacity fills in to whether First Solar has established a sustainable energy-density and cost/watt advantage in the global solar industry, says the analyst.

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FSLR First Solar
$93.27 /

+10.89 (+13.22%)

10/29/20 JPMorgan
First Solar downgraded to Neutral from Overweight at JPMorgan
10/28/20 Raymond James
First Solar price target raised to $90 from $80 at Raymond James
10/28/20 Roth Capital
First Solar price target raised to $110 from $100 at Roth Capital
10/28/20 Baird
First Solar price target raised to $125 from $97 at Baird

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