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Palantir falls after Citron announces short position with $20 target

Shares of Palantir moved lower after Andrew Left's Citron Research announced a new short position in the name with $20 year-end price target. The stock in morning trading is well off the day's highs but remains up 47c to $29.52. Citron said via Twitter, "What a run the past month for all. But as traders looking for short exposure, $PLTR is no longer a stock but a full casino. Does not take a ball of crystal to know this will fall back to Arda. Shorting with a $20 2020 target."

PLTR Palantir
$31.00 /

+1.97 (+6.79%)

Fly Intel: Top five analyst downgrades
11/13/20 Jefferies
Palantir price target raised to $18 from $13 at Jefferies
11/13/20 RBC Capital
Palantir price target raised to $15 from $11 at RBC Capital
11/13/20 Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley downgrades Palantir to Equal Weight after spike in share price

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