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LabCorp higher after Bloomberg says Jana nominated directors

Barry Rosenstein's Jana Partners has nominated directors to the board of LabCorp, including former chairman of CVS Caremark Mac Crawford, Scott Deveau opf Bloomberg reports, citing investors briefed on the matter. Jane, which disclosed earlier this month a stake of around $195M, has held talks with several of LabCorp's investors to discuss ways to improve shareholder value, the investors told Bloomberg. Shares of LabCorp are up 3% to $250.02 following the report.

LH LabCorp
$242.51 /

-1.61 (-0.66%)

02/12/21 JPMorgan
LabCorp price target raised to $279 from $261 at JPMorgan
02/12/21 Mizuho
LabCorp price target raised to $267 from $242 at Mizuho
02/12/21 Citi
LabCorp price target raised to $278 from $257 at Citi
01/29/21 Citi
LabCorp price target raised to $257 from $249 at Citi

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