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Zoom Video

$409.67 /

+35.805 (+9.58%)


Zoom Video upgraded to Overweight from Neutral at Piper Sandler

Piper Sandler analyst James Fish upgraded Zoom Video Communications to Overweight from Neutral with a price target of $541, up from $501. The company reported a "very strong" end to fiscal 2021 and "better than feared" initial fiscal 2022 guidance, with Zoom Phone adoption and continued wins in Meetings both contributing to the upside, Fish tells investors in a research note. The analyst sees "multiple secular tailwinds behind the business."

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ZM Zoom Video
$409.67 /

+35.805 (+9.58%)

01/26/21 MKM Partners
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01/13/21 Stifel
Stifel says Zoom growth with Phone reminder of 'powerful' enterprise opportunity
01/13/21 Morgan Stanley
Investors have turned too negative on Zoom's persistence, says Morgan Stanley
12/24/20 DA Davidson
DA Davidson likes Zoom push into email, says buy on recent selloff

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