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$27.85 /

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Medallia jumps after Bloomberg says exploring potential sale

Medallia is working with a financial adviser to explore a potential sale and private equity firms have expressed interest in buying the company, Liana Baker and Ed Hammond of Bloomberg report, citing people familiar with the matter. No final decision has been made and Medallia could opt to remain independent, Bloomberg adds, while noting that the company declined to comment. Shares of Medallia are up 10%, or $2.73, to $31.13 following the report.

MDLA Medallia
$27.85 /

-0.52 (-1.83%)

06/02/21 BTIG
Medallia price target lowered to $42 from $49 at BTIG
06/02/21 Craig-Hallum
Medallia price target lowered to $35 from $44 at Craig-Hallum
06/02/21 BofA
Medallia price target lowered to $43 from $49 at BofA
06/02/21 Citi
Medallia price target lowered to $50 from $59 at Citi

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