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News For APH From the Last 2 Days
Oct 16, 2018 | 09:26 EDT
Morgan Stanley analyst Craig Hettenbach noted that the selloff in semiconductor stocks has been "swift and painful" and could be getting overdone near-term, though he worries the group is "by no means out of the woods" given his view that semi fundamentals today are worse than they were in the 2015 down cycle. Specifically, Hettenbach points to the degree of excess that built up in the supply chain this time, stating that the increase in lead times, double ordering, and inventory accumulation is markedly different to the period that preceded the last time there were broad-based semi estimate cuts in the second half of 2015. Semi sector estimates have only just recently started to come down and there are growing investor expectations that companies will guide Q4 revenue at least a few percent below the Street, added Hettenbach, who said the "upcoming earnings season will be the big test."