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Several Fedspeakers re-emerge this week:

Several Fedspeakers re-emerge this week: Monday's lineup has two dovish voters, NY Fed's Dudley addresses a business roundtable (7:45 ET), while Chicago Fed's Evans speaks to the NY Money Marketeers in the evening (19 ET). VC Fischer and non-voter Rosengren will be at the podium at an conference on macro-prudential policy at the Riksbank (Tuesday). Also the moderate hawkish voter Kaplan discusses monetary policy and the economy at a Commonwealth Club event (15 ET). Governor Powell testifies on fostering economic growth (10 ET) before the Senate Banking Committee (Thursday). He will also speak (14:15 ET) on central clearing and liquidity (Friday). Non-voters Bullard and Mester are slated for Friday, with the former set to comment (11:15 ET) on monetary policy at a bankers' conference, while Mester will speak (12:40 ET) at a summit on housing and human capital.


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