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VIX calls outpace puts 4:1 as the index is set to finish the week lower

VIX calls outpace puts 4:1 as the index is set to finish the week lower. Spot VIX is off 1.27 to 14.28, but after a roller coaster week, down from 15.51 last Friday. After a sharp fall Monday and two days of choppy action Tuesday and Wednesday, it was off to the races again Thursday and the index hit a morning high of 16.04 today. While that proved to be the high for the week, it was still off from the panic high of 17.28 a week ago, the day after record volume for VIX options and futures on 8/10/17. Still, at current levels, the "fear gauge" suggests sentiment is now decidedly more cautious after a relatively quiet stretch from late-May to early-August. The more defensive underlying tone is again being displayed in VIX option volume today where 775K calls and 190K puts changed hands.


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